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Velesco specializes in nimble, just-in-time cGMP drug product manufacturing as well as traditional pharmaceutical cGMP manufacture. 


Just in time clinical supply manufacture offers several advantages over traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing, especially during dose escalation studies. Because supplies can be manufactured just before dosing, there is no need for extensive stability studies, or the waste of drug substance for doses that are not reached in the clinic.


Featured Product: Hand filled softgel capsules for phase 1 clinical studies


Learn more about hand filled softgel capsules


  • Semi-solids (non-sterile Gels and Creams)
  • Hand filled Softgels
  • Powder in bottle
  • Powder in capsule (API in capsule)
  • Simple blends in capsule
  • Non-sterile liquids (suspensions and solutions), scale up to 50 L
  • Overencapsulation
  • Packaging
  • Release





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