Gel Formulation Development

Gels are versatile formulations for several routes of administration and phases of pharmaceutical development.


Early Phase Development (Pre-Clinical) Gel Formulation


Our formulations range from the simple yet elegant drug dissolved in cellulose derivatives such as Carboxymethylcellulose or Hydroxyethylcellulose to more complex gels that are liquid until they gel upon exposure to animal body temperature.


The gels used in toxicology studies can be administered topically, orally, rectally, or vaginally.


          Don't know what type of formulation you need? 

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A little bit on the science of gels.


Early Phase Development (Clinical) Gel Formulation


Gels are typically used topically, orally, rectally, or vaginally in human clinical trials. Velesco can formulate your clinical phase gel or modify your earlier stage gel for easier handling in the clinic.

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