Does Velesco work with small or large molecules?



Velesco's expertise is with small, synthetic molecules, as well as carbohydrates. However, our analytical scientists have the experience and equipment to undertake testing work with small peptides up to proteins.



Are there any classes of compounds that Velesco is unable to work with?



Velesco Pharmaceutical Services is not, at this time, licensed to work with radiolabeled materials or controlled substances.


In order to meet various quality guidelines and client requirements, Velesco Pharmaceutical Services does not handle penicillins or cephalosporins.


Our laboratories are equipped with dust hoods that allow us to work with compounds having OELs as low as 10 mcg/ft3(8 hour time weighted average). We understand that many of our clients having novel compounds do not have this safety data; therefore, for hormones, hormone antagonists, steroids and cytotoxic compounds, we have them assessed individually by a consultant safety expert. This consultation is paid for by Velesco even if the material is considered unsuitable for our laboratories.



Does Velesco outsource work for which they do not have the necessary equipment?



On those occasions when Velesco is tasked with specific tests for which we don't have the equipment on site (e.g. pXRD or NMR), we make use of our well developed connections with the University of Michigan and other local service providers with whom we have confidentiality contracts.



Does Velesco perform GMP work?




Yes, Velesco has a state of the art GMP facility in Western Michigan that allows us to provide packaged clinical supplies of non-sterile products. Our main focus is on supporting early stage studies with API in bottle or capsule, but other dosage forms such as simple topical preparations are also available.


From a laboratory perspective, we have the appropriate quality systems and a number of validated HPLCs to allow us to undertake GMP testing of materials.



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