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Velesco’s preclinical drug formulation development will ensure exposure in toxicology studies.


             check 3 25pixelSmall scale, customized experiments 

             check 3 25pixelOptimize exposure 

             check 3 25pixelPreserve your limited compound supply

             check 3 25pixelSolutions, suspensions, gels, creams, etc


Velesco’s expertise in developing pharmaceutical formulations for non-clinical toxicology studies can help optimize exposure. We specialize in small scale, customized experiments that will preserve your limited compound supply. Velesco’s formulation, be it a binary solution, or a complicated SEDDS (self-emulsifying drug delivery systems) mixture, will be tailored to your molecule, dose range, and delivery route.  Ideally, we develop an uncomplicated drug formulation that is easy to replicate and can be transferred with ease. 


Velesco's preclinical drug formulations encompass gels, solutions, and suspensions for oral, iv, or topical dosing.


We meet very aggressive timelines by working closely with your toxicologist.  Your drug formulation will achieve the concentration requirements without inducing additional adverse toxic effects.  Velesco's experts have prepared single formulations which are suitable for multiple routes of administration, can be carried forward into later toxicology studies and can even transition into clinical studies.


Velesco’s clinical pharmaceutical formulation development will be suitable for manufacture, and for delivering your drug to the patient.


Velesco's experience in developing clinical drug formulations ranges from simple, early phase dosage forms to more complicated, later phase formulations.


In many cases, for phase I and II drug development, the most suitable dosage form is a simple API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) in capsule or bottle for reconstitution.  Of course, sometimes there needs to be stabilization from heat, light, or oxidation- induced degradation.


Velesco specializes in softgel capsule, suspension, and other non-sterile liquid formulations, which can be developed for a wide variety of compounds.


Velesco's experts approach our formulation projects by evaluating the characteristics of the molecule, creating a formulation that is scalable, elegant, and utilizes widely available excipients.   


In conjunction with our Analytical Services department, we can analyze your formulation by HPLC to determine chemical and physical stability.  If you don't have an HPLC method appropriate for this use, our experienced team can develop a "fit for purpose" method, or we can determine physical stability visually.


Our Case Studies for Drug Formulation Development challenges give a brief taste of the value our pharmaceutical formulation services can bring to your project.


  • Toxicology formulations
  • Human formulations
  • Solubility assessment in a range of vehicles
  • Hard gelatin capsules
  • Soft gelatin capsules
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Ointments
  • Oral and topical liquids
  • Small and large volume parenterals






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