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Challenge: Formulation development using challenging vehicles


Velesco was contracted to create a common formulation for four compounds to be dosed at multiple strengths using a clear aqueous vehicle.

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Challenge: Develop formulations for low solubility compounds with many delivery routes


Development of a formulation for a poorly soluble compound suitable for oral, intraperitoneal and intravenous use can be quite a challenge, but with our expertise, Velesco had the answer!

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Challenge: High concentration formulation development for compounds with low solubility using microemulsions


Velesco was asked to formulate a clear solution/microemulsion for a low solubility compound at a high concentration for an oral toxicity study, which was completed successfully.

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Challenge: Injectable formulations for poorly soluble drugs


Velesco developed an injectable formulation for a low solubility compound at a high dose using nucleation inhibitors.

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Challenge: Formulate drug product using API synthesized using different processes, causing solubility issues.


Velesco was requested to formulate several different lots of material all displaying different characteristics.

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News and Events

New materials handling laboratory has opened

at Velesco's Plymouth, MI facility!

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New cGMP testing laboratory has opened at

Velesco's Plymouth, MI facility!

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Velesco's work published in

a Drug Development & Delivery article!

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Dave Barnes Featured in 

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